Being Sodomized after or before an Appendectomy Surgery in Cleopatra Hospital

I am an Egyptian citizen; I do not have a relationship with all what is happening now in Egypt and other political differences. That was before the third of December 2012. On that day, I went to the hospital Cleopatra, tests were conducted because of severe pain on my right side . Was told that it may be “appendicitis” and suspected the existence of a small tumor on “the supra renal “. I decide to double check and I went to other doctors, they differed in the diagnosis of the disease. I took some medication, but persistent pain pushed me to see the doctor again, and agreed to his decision to make the appendectomy surgery, and went to Cleopatra hospital.

They did not give me a confirmation on whether I m suffering from appendix or something else, and they did not seek to conduct the necessary tests to make sure as well. When I entered the operating room; told the doctor that the pain is over. How unprofessional can it really be that he asked me if I wanted to complete the process or not, then get me out request. But I was afraid to go back ache again, and the mystery that surrounded me because of not giving me an accurate diagnosis; all that compelled me to enter the operating room.

The process took more time than the process of a simple surgery such as appendectomy. I had asked for a “spinal anesthesia “, to protect myself from any unethical practices you may have heard by obtaining the girls while undergo full anesthesia. But Dr. Anesthesia insists to put me under general anesthesia, unlike my agreement with the surgeon. Both of them the anesthesiology and the surgeon start to calm me down and promised me that nothing bad will happen to me while I m under a general anesthesia !

According to the data, and the pain that began after the operation in the anal region, I accuse them of sexual assaulting me during anesthesia and most probably sodomized me or inserted something into my anus has caused me fissure ,weakened my anus sphincter , infection ,physical and psychological sharp pain continuing until today, I have sought in every way to prosecute these people and confront the media and judiciary, but They accused me of being an insane woman and I am suffering “Sexual hallucinations” because I am not married at old age .

I am now, alone, facing what I consider “gangs” prevalent in most hospitals, malpractice and probably rape of women during anesthesia in the operating room. This crime extends began in many medical circles, which are among its relationship with senior officials and influential in the country, therefore I am suffering from a severe blackout, and does not allow me to recover my right to know the truth about what happened to me in the hospital.

I hope to get the support and assistance, on the basis of the principles of the Supreme human rights, women’s rights in particular, especially in this region, which Arab women suffers from oppression exploitation, a dismal deficit in human rights and surrounded by policies, practices and habits in the region that prevent women from realizing their full potential and from defending effectively their human rights and get their rights back.

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude and my sincere appreciation in advance.

Best Regards

Shereen Nasser .

A brief

My Story start when I had acute pain on my right side 6 am at the morning the first of December 2012 , my young brother took me to Cleopatra hospital to do some test and to determine the source of the pain .

When I arrived to the hospital the pain was almost gone ,the hospital asked me to do ” ultra sound ” and the result was small hepatic lesion most likely hemangioma

suspected small left supra renal lesion and colonic gaseous and I did a blood test total leucocyte was 6630 So they said I might have cancer or appendectomy and I need to stay at the hospital

I refused and I asked my brother to go to an other doctor to make further investigation to determine whether I need a surgery or not

I went to a Doctor  Sherif Akel” he performed ” ultrasound  again on me ” he said my ovaries are so good and I m producing eggs .I asked him do u think I have appendix ,he said I don’t know

My old brother asked him about the supra renal ,he sent us  to Dr Alaa Abbas the surgeon who has performed the surgery on me .

I went to Dr Alaa Abbas after he examined me he prescribed ”  buscopan ,Panadol and Amrizole ” So he knew it wasn’t an appendix even though he sent me to the same hospital again ‘ Cleopatra ‘

Next day he performed the surgery  , before the surgery I have asked for spinal anesthesia but they have refused to go under general anesthesia

I was taught that God forbids Muslims to break their oath.. but this is our muslims and this is our Egypt .

I m 38 years old ..they should have explained to me all the process before the surgery and not to take advantage of me  because I will be unconscious helpless  ! it is an unacceptable behavior from a well known hospital and doctors who supposedly help patients not sodomizing them .. 

So they purposely deceived me to sexually assault me …

If they didn’t rape me so what is else could have happen to cause a severe damage to my Rectal area right after appendectomy !????

After I woke up in the recovery room .. I start to feel unbearable pain and when i was sent  to my room I start to scream . hysterically” Please give me a pain killer … ”  !!!! I have asked so many people who had removed their appendix or did others type of surgeries  none of them did scream like i did .

3 days later after the surgery I start to feel soreness in my anus then an  infection spreaded to the entire genital area , my clitoris did enlarge , i had a lot of weird discharge , I got my menstrual right after the surgery and before the end of the same month ” which mean twice per the same month ” !!!!

I went to the surgeon and told him about the infection  he said maybe you had this infection from the toilet seat

At the beginning I thought they could have inserted a urine catheter until a doctor has told me even if they did insert a urine catheter ,it would not effect the anus .

the 3 doctors was kicked from the hospital but the hospital keep denying that i was sexually assaulted there

covering up a rape crime for hospital reputation and predators are getting away with their crime .

Raping and  sodomizing an unconscious patient in a private hospital isn’t a malpractice or a job error .. it is a first degree crime as they did insist to put me under general Anesthesia to sexually abuse me .

the doctors was only punished by losing their jobs ! !!! there s no justice and the country rather to silent me than prosecute the predators


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