My Surgery Story .

before my blood test results I Was suspecting that I was sodomized however after my recent blood test results ” I’M dead SURE that I was sodomized

I was sodomized after an appendectomy surgery but it took from me a long time till I get to this conclusion beside the entire country is against me .

The story begins 3 december 2012 I went to cleopatra hospital located in Cairo Egypt and since then I m suffering from a severe pain in my rectal and genital area .later found out that this pain is the herpes pain , You catch herpes simplex by direct skin contact, usually with friction, with the affected patch of skin of someone who has it already. This means sex and/or oral sex. Transmission is very likely if there are obvious spots or blisters, much less likely if there are no symptoms present. It is not caught off towels, sheets, cups, cutlery, baths, swimming pools or from blood Which means I was sodomized the day of the surgery by some1 who has herpes simplex


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